Our policy on business and COVID-19

News at Redwald Estates | 03/06/2020

As the UK Government announced that estate agents were permitted, under strict guidelines, to recommence their activities, our office will be manned by a skeleton staff. 

Whilst we have been working continuously during lockdown (from home) this move will allow us to recommence viewings and market appraisals. Our main focus is the health and wellbeing of our staff, our clients, our contractors, tenants, prospective customers and anyone else we come into contact with. Here is a brief summary of what we will be doing. 

Summary of the Government Guidance 
With the Government revised and detailed guidance on moving home - buying, selling and renting property during the coronavirus outbreak. We recommend you read the full official guidance here, but some of the main points are: 

  • People are free to move home. 
  • You can start to look for properties you want to move into.
  • You can put your home on the market to sell or rent. 
  • You are free to make or accept an offer or reserve a property as normal. 
  • Physical viewings are now allowed, provided that strict social distancing is continued. 
  • Estate agents are permitted to visit properties to value them under the proviso of social distancing. 
  • Surveyors can undertake surveys of properties. 

We will be following all of the Government guidelines set out for estate agencies to ensure the safety of our clients, customers, staff, suppliers, and anyone else that we come into contact with throughout the course of conducting our business. 
We will be asking everyone to adhere to strict procedures which include, but is not limited to, the following measures: 

Viewings Process
We will continue to offer virtual viewings in the first instance wherever possible. Please use these in your initial search and only request physical viewings of properties you are seriously interested in offering on. 
Please make your own way to the property as we are unable to offer transport. Where possible, and for your own safety, please try and avoid public transport, especially at peak times. 
Physical viewings can only take place with other members of your household. 
Before viewing, you will need to confirm that you are not suffering any symptoms. 
You will be asked to remove your shoes before entering a property.
Please bring your own mask and gloves. 
You will be asked not to touch anything whilst in the property. Anything you do touch will need to be wiped down. 
The occupier of the property will be asked to ensure the property is well ventilated and that internal doors are left open. 
Where appropriate, the occupier of the property will also be asked to leave the property while the viewing is taking place. 

Market Appraisals Process
We will continue to offer virtual market appraisals where possible and can continue to value properties without physically entering them. 
Larger properties will need a physical inspection.
If we do visit a property to value it, we will need to maintain a two-metre distance and we will remove our shoes and, if requested to, will wear facemasks and gloves throughout the appointment. 
Before we visit, please ensure the property is well ventilated. 
We will not touch anything in the property unless absolutely necessary. 

Visiting Our Offices 
Although all of our offices are open for business they will not be open to any visitors or members of the public. 
Our office hours will be Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. We will not be working in the offices on a Saturday, unless in very special circumstances, until further notice. 
We ask that you avoid coming to our offices unless absolutely necessary. 
If you do need to come into one of our offices, you will need to call ahead and book an appointment and we will meet with you outside the office, at a safe distance. 
Our staff will be working from home when they can, so less staff will be physically in our offices at any one time. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we adapt to this new way of working and please be assured that we are as committed as ever to supporting you through this working phase. 

If you have any questions at all please do get in touch

For further information on COVID-19 click the NHS link https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

We are OPEN for business.

Please read our company procedure on COVID 19.

For medical information visit https://www.nhs.uk


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